Stupidity Kills, Too

Today is the anniversary of the Supreme Court decision Griswald v. Connecticut, which ruled that Americans have a right to privacy under the Constitution (based upon the fact that things like “unlawful search & seizure” violate your privacy). Specifically, that married couples could practice contraception in the privacy of their homes and the State (of … [Read more…]

Women in Politics

In commemoration of Hillary’s loss of first place on the ticket (I find it unlikely that she’ll be on it at all at this point, but it might happen), I’d like to celebrate women in politics. And there are women in politics. At least, in other countries. Currently, in the United States there are 16 … [Read more…]

Spark: Justice v. Life

Religion Dispatches has a very interesting deconstruction of a well known Old Testament story, one used frequently to support “the Culture of Life” (forgive my scare quotes, but they scare me!), but which, RD argues, ought to be understood to support Justice. Spark is a category for sharing links. No intense commentary, just a link … [Read more…]

Einstein: Religions are “childish superstition”

(It’s that time again – guest post from Zach time.) (Image from Bloomsbury Auctions) Lots of people are talking about a newly-surfaced letter by Einstein, which seems to clarify his ambiguous views on religion with the following strongly-worded statements: The word god is for me nothing more than the expression and product of human weaknesses, … [Read more…]

Race v. Gender

The (now) classic comedy shot of a black woman being interviewed: “Are you going to vote for Obama because you’re black or for Clinton because you’re a woman?” There are politics (which is to say, issues) at hand, and many many people will vote their conscience, many people will look at the issues and vote … [Read more…]