What Should the Punishment Be?

This has been floating around the feminist blogosphere and is by no means new. The argument goes thusly: some people think that abortion should be illegal; what, then, do they propose the punishment for breaking the law be? Tellingly, the answer is often “counseling” or “prayer” for the woman but loss of license or jail … [Read more…]


I think that McCain’s choice of vice president is a misguided attempt to cash in on the presumed fact that Hillary supporters were only her supporters because she’s female, an attempt to get more credibility regarding ANWAR, and an attempt to show that the Republicans are just as progressive as the Democrats (“you’ve got a … [Read more…]

Spark: Gendered Robots

I haven’t yet seen WALL•E, but here is an article I found interesting discussing the genders of the two main robots. It is an interesting discussion of the perceived genders we apply to the characters based on our cultural assumptions. It is also interesting, however, how we can work beyond them. hat tip

Spark: Women in the Box Office

“Could It Be? Did Hollywood Execs Get The Memo?” speculates on the reason for the number of movies-about-women (which seems to correspond with movies-by-women). I would take issue with her assertion that Mama Mia! or Kit are any great leaps forward for womankind, but I’ve not seen either, so I won’t get into that here.

This is What a Feminist Acts Like

I have to give props to my husband for recently committing unanticipated acts of feminism. At a recent party, a (male) acquaintance was drunkenly holding forth about how women fundamentally change when they have sex (presumably each time, given his justification) but men do not. Therefore, it is astronomically worse for a woman to cheat … [Read more…]

Female Bishops!

So…the Church of England has voted to allow female bishops. Which sounded awesome to me, despite the fact that those opposed to it have called those in favor of it “mean spirited” for disallowing “super bishops” (read: male bishops) for congregants that object to the authority of a female bishop. I’ll come back to that. … [Read more…]