Captain’s Blog, Stardate 3.14159265

Years ago, Avery Brooks (who will forever be Cmdr. Sisko to me) did a truly awesome commercial for IBM, one that still prompts me to occasionally exclaim, “I was promised flying cars!” The point was that, when people look into the future, they see today’s technology modified for the future, not the invention of whole … [Read more…]

Fair Use, the Internet, and some Funny

Synchronized debating. This is exactly why the internet is so important. Why fair use is not just some abstraction but something that affects each of our lives. And, it’s funny. So learn more about both candidates and a little something about the wonders of the internet: Get the latest news satire and funny videos at … [Read more…]

“We are so blogging this!”

(overheard between a drunken John & a drunken xJane at last night’s Abney Park concert) Background: Yesterday, xJane was sitting around, slightly ill, and generally feeling sorry for herself. Whilst innocently watching Emmy consideration DVDs, she received a call from John, who asked if she was busy (she was not) and if she was interested … [Read more…]

Einstein: Religions are “childish superstition”

(It’s that time again – guest post from Zach time.) (Image from Bloomsbury Auctions) Lots of people are talking about a newly-surfaced letter by Einstein, which seems to clarify his ambiguous views on religion with the following strongly-worded statements: The word god is for me nothing more than the expression and product of human weaknesses, … [Read more…]

on Condescension & Diminutives

Two stories: I recently helped a customer who kept calling me “honey”. Drove me crazy. First time he said it, I said, “Please don’t call me honey. My name is xJane.” He didn’t blink & did it again. The second time I dropped the “please” and the second sentence. The third time, I said it … [Read more…]

Mightier than the sword.

I got my Graphire3 pen and tablet yesterday. I am hoping that someday, after I have progressed in the Way of the Adobe Illustrator, people will behold me with Wacom pen in hand and fear me. Right now the most I can elicit is a snicker. Here are the results of a few Illustrator intro … [Read more…]


it’s silly, i know, but in my attempts to attain the heavenly bliss of nirvana and non-attachment, apple is the tether that keeps me bound to this world, worshipping at adam smith’s altar. curse the ipod mini. in green. only $250::