Review of Grace Notes

The following is an abridged and edited version of a review I wrote for Irreantum, a periodic review of Mormon literature. I purchased Grace Notes: The Waking of a Woman’s Voice after hearing author Heidi Hart speak about her interfaith marriage. Hart was raised a Mormon, was married in the temple, and converted to Quakerism … [Read more…]

Manly Man.

I am very good at converting mental-emotional stress into physical manifestations. Where other people feel nervous or angry or frustrated, I get night sweats, the runs, or shortness of breath. Today my therapist suggested that this may be because I don’t have enough manly physical outlets, where I allow the aggressive sexual male in me … [Read more…]

Quantum Mechanics = Sexy

I left my programming cave for an excursion to the UCI bookstore. Classes start tomorrow, the temperature is almost in the nineties, and the frats and sororities have set up booths opposite each other in their effort to woo the beautiful and conforming (and to impress each other). I love women, especially beholding them, but … [Read more…]


i often hear from teachers of writing: “if you’re not sure you want to write about it, that’s a good indication that you ought to write about it.” so today i’m going to write about sex. frankly, sex confuses me. i grew up in a home where sex was on a rare occasion praised as … [Read more…]