The Loneliness of the Male Feminist.

It’s been an emotional day for me. E. won a major art prize. I was listening to Gethsemane from Jesus Christ Superstar and had a personal revelation of sorts. I’m still working on my take-home midterm. And I spent the evening reading this incredible thread that begins by pointing out the lack of a male … [Read more…]

The Great Vagina in the Sky,

or, What One Man Learned from the Vagina Monologues. Warning: if you’re offended by the word ‘vagina’ you really should read this post, because ‘vagina’ appears at least 20 times in it, in addition to two of its more vulgar relatives. It’ll be good for you! One of the cool things about attending the Vagina … [Read more…]

Blogging against myself.

This entry is inspired in part by Hugo‚Äôs self-critical post against sexism. In my fight against sexism, it makes sense to begin with the person over whom I have the most influence. As a result, this will be more inward-looking rather than going over the problems of sexism in the grand arena (you can follow … [Read more…]

Blog against Sexism Day.

Today is International Women’s Day, and the folks over at VeganKid are encouraging bloggers to Blog against Sexism today: While those that write about sexism on a regular basis are gladly asked to join in, we enourage those that never or rarely talk about this important topic to join in. There are no guidelines. All … [Read more…]

On Abortion.

The government of South Dakota has thrown down the constitutional gauntlet. My thoughts and feelings concerning abortion are complex. I apologize for going over well-worn ground here, but I’d like to take a moment to examine where I stand. I used to subscribe to a “consistent life ethic.” That is, I valued life in such … [Read more…]


It’s been several weeks since I asked if there is place for feminist men in feminism. I think I’ve changed my approach to feminism as a result of that conversation (and thank you, everyone who contributed!) First, I have decided to listen to women more and to school myself in feminism: its theory, its history, … [Read more…]

Why I am a Feminist.

There are a lot of worthy causes in the world, and it’s impossible to focus on more than a handful at a time. Sometimes I wonder why I find the cause of feminism to be so compelling. Here’s a few reasons (of many that I could mention): Because murder by domestic partners is a leading … [Read more…]

Feminism 101.

I’m considering a series of “Feminism 101” posts. This would be a space in which I can explore nuances and try to apply the concepts I encounter in my reading. I decided to focus my (currently random) study of feminism into a three-prong approach: 1) The History of Feminism: My interest in this subject springs … [Read more…]

Fruitless Search.

Thanks to Jana and Holly, I’ve learned a thing or two about images of women in the media and in Western history, religion and literature. I decided to explore some of the options I had available to me in terms of attractive women and men tempting the viewer with luscious fruit. There were two or … [Read more…]

Is there a place for feminist men in feminism?

I originally wrote this with a feminist audience in mind (I even asked, via email, a number of my friends with firm feminist credentials to respond to this), but it turned into a forum discussing the validity of feminism itself. While that conversation is definitely a necessary one, it didn’t respond to the questions I … [Read more…]

Is there a place for men in feminism?

This discussion has been restarted on the next post, where the discussion emphasis is less on the attack/defense of feminism in general and more on the place of male feminists within feminism (i. e., on topic). I am a feminist. By this I mean that I believe that nationally and globally, there is de facto … [Read more…]

Tongue in…cheek.

Jana: It’s in Aliso Vi-yay-jo. John: That was cute. Say that again. Jana: Say what? John: In Aliso Viejo, you added a vowel. Jana: It’s my dipthong. Thinks. Jana: I should make a thong with a ‘dip’ on it. I bet they’d sell. John: You could market them to linguists. Cunning ones.