Eleven Hours of Hobbits.

For my first day of downtime (no work and no school for at least a week and a half), the kiddos and I cozied to 670 minutes (not including bathroom breaks) of extended version Lord of the Rings. The kids have been bugging me about this for months, and I finally made good on my … [Read more…]

‘Tis the Season

It’s that time of year again: figuring out what to get people and whether or not those are people you really need to get things for. I’ve started keeping a list inside my calendar of people’s names followed by links to things I think they might like. I then run them by my husband to … [Read more…]


Randy Travis has a song called “Heroes and Friends” which features the line Your heroes will help you find good in yourself. which I thought of the other day whilst playing Ultimate Alliance. My husband and I both love video games but generally entirely different genres: he likes first-person-shooters and I like puzzle games. Aside … [Read more…]

it’s hard to be a feminist

I brought chairs to a friend’s party last night and, after letting myself into her house, announced that I had chairs in my car, if people wanted to help. I got two people (perfect, there were six chairs), a guy and a gal. The gal got her two chairs and went inside. This post is … [Read more…]


I’d be interested in people’s thoughts about the following: – the ongoing wage gap – WARNING: EXPLICIT LINK one atheist’s take on winter holidays – I always think of Europe as being slightly more evolved than us. Their current issues with religion. – the effect of expectations on results – and finally, using the hard … [Read more…]

Pink Puke

I have never been especially fond of pink. To me it separated the girls from the tomboys and I was most definitely the latter. It was girls being unoriginal, mothers locking their children into gender roles (unless on boys, I approve of pink on the male segment of the population), and, as Dooce says, ” … [Read more…]

What does “feminism” mean?

I was recently speaking to a friend of mine about many and sundry things; I said something about how one of my sisters claims to be a “feminist for life” and that seems to me to be not much of a feminist at all…to which my friend replied that certainly there should be no litmus … [Read more…]

Meme: Five Things Feminism has Done for Me.

I got tagged by reading The Happy Feminist: Feminism has reinforced that women are not sexual objects, servants, martyrs, and has shown me how to recognize when women are being portrayed in these ways. Feminism has helped me to realize that men can knit, hug, cry, talk about their relationships and their feelings. Feminism has … [Read more…]