“I will not become my mother.”

One of the podcasts I listen to, Women on the Line ended with this poem recently. And I love everything about it. Subtext Maxine Clark (sung): Sometimes I feel like a motherless child A long way from home (spoken): When we say, “I don’t want to become my mother,” that isn’t an invitation to laugh. … [Read more…]

“I’d do her.”

These words make me cringe. As though that’s a compliment. As though the opposite is an insult. But I ran across this recently and it struck me as being a perfect sentiment: I’d do her. If, like, she were still alive. And would have me. [Obviously, this was about a historic figure.] “And would have … [Read more…]


Because Sinfest is that awesome, Tatsuya Ishida just did a sequence on the patriarchy and male privilege. They start here. Thumbnails and commentary below the fold.

Sex Crimes

I was sent a link to a tequila ad by Lessie Brown who asked my opinion on it. She sent it in the context of a page I’ll link to below, because I think it deserves to be watched on its own merit first: For Harriet has the following to say about it: The scenario … [Read more…]

Feminism in Religion

The Washington Post has an online discussion forum called On Faith. Periodically (once a week?), they submit a question/topic to a panel of writers from various religions. This week’s is What is religion’s role in gender discrimination? I highly recommend the answers.

Shadow Princess, by Indu Sudaresan

I just finished reading Shadow Princess, the third book in Sundaresan’s series about the women of Mughal India. Unlike the Feast of Roses (which should be preceded in reading by the Twentieth Wife), this one stands on its own. It begins with the death of Mumtaz Mahal, the woman for whom the Taj Mahal was … [Read more…]

[TV/Movie] Awards and Gender

Let us take as a given that most (all?) awards for excellence in the entertainment industry are irredeemably political. The issuance of awards as well as the events during which such awards are given and announced are deeply affected by how the public will react—often from the standpoint of how such awards will affect ratings … [Read more…]

Socio-economic Inequality between Men linked to Abuse of Women.

I cam across this illustration of how sexism and class differences are linked in the Wikipedia article on honor killing: There is a strong positive correlation between violence against women, and women’s social power and equality; and a baseline of development, associated with access to basic resources, health care, and human capital, such as literacy … [Read more…]

Not a “girl”.

In Germany, when a female turns 16, she ceases to be “Fräulein” (little woman) and becomes “Frau” (woman, or lady). I like this tradition and think that it speaks well of treating a child as a full member of the community, even before he or she actually becomes one. Similarly, the bar/bat mitzvah tradition recognizes … [Read more…]

Choice = Choice

I’ll be spending this Super Bowl with my sisters, who are members of Feminists for Life (“because women deserve better”), who are “pro-life”, and who think that birth control is immoral and abortion should be illegal (with strong punishments for the doctor who performs the abortion and practically no punishment for the woman who chose … [Read more…]

Reconsidering a Focus on Feminist Advocacy.

I have a several areas of my life that I’m looking hard at and reexamining right now. If this blogging experiment proves helpful, maybe I’ll follow up with a couple more personal explorations. I know I’m going to feel a little exposed, but here goes: During my last few years in Mormonism, I self-identified as … [Read more…]