Belief Shapes the World

In one (perhaps many) of Terry Prachett’s books, he opines that the strength of a god is dependent upon the number and strength of the belief in that god. But of course, gods don’t dies, so there are a number of ghost-gods whisping their way around reality, seeking believers. While practice has shown this is … [Read more…]

Why Not Do Nothing At All?

So, when I first saw this, I thought it was a public service ad about how we should be aware of climate change: But then it ended and I realized it was an ad by a company that would benefit from ongoing climate change. A company that looks forward to a day when we can … [Read more…]

Fucking Friday: Bitch 2.0

This is a link dump for things that make me want to spit. Things that piss me off & make me want to bitch—remind me why I should be angry. John just posted his experience at Church the other day, I think most of us can agree that his experience counts as something we all … [Read more…]

Sunday Morning Video Lineup

A vid take on MoF’s Sparks: First up, Stuart Shepard, who I’d not heard of before today but is apparently a member of Focus on the Family’s activism arm, is encouraging everyone to encourage his God to rain on Obama’s acceptance speech. Which seems to me to be incredibly petty: pray for peace? pray for … [Read more…]

65mph Challenge

“Hypermiling” has become all the rage in the media sources I frequent (in order of its appearance: Wired, NPR, and GroovyGreen), but it’s always seemed too dangerous and requiring too much thought. I learned to drive on the Autobahn, where there is no speed limit, only a minimum, and a posted “recommendation” of 120kph (about … [Read more…]

Green Thoughts for Today

This is almost a Spark post, however I’ve got two from over at Groovy Green. Why Higher Gas Prices Should Make You Smile, at least if you believe that the only way we’re going to get out of this crisis is by switching to “alternative” (to fossil fuels) forms of energy. I have often said … [Read more…]


Containing, as it does, both Earth & Arbor days, April is the month when we look to the soil and the earth for inspiration. Earlier this month, I created a new Urb Garden, which is so far doing quite well. My cucumbers are happily strangling my tomatoes and the strawberries & mint are locked in … [Read more…]

Spark: Reasons to Recycle

A fantastic set of artistic works that capture, in a snapshot (I use the term loosely, more often in a 60’x40′ canvas) the kinds of things that get through out daily, weekly, every five minutes, &c. Many of these I would love to buy prints of (I especially like Paper Bags and Jet Trails). Spark … [Read more…]