Texas & England: Creationism & Its Dangers

Texas is reviewing its science standards, specifically with the desire to remove them altogether. Skepchick has a great discussion of exactly what this means, but here’s the short version: Texas and California’s choices for scientific textbooks drives the availability of textbooks nationwide because of their massive marketshare the Texas State Board of Education (TSBE) has … [Read more…]

Music Monday: Climb That Mountain High

I’ve been listening to this recently and it’s kept me going as law school ties me up in its basement, feeding me only bread and water, and negotiating a ransom exchange with my family husband. I keep getting the feeling that the majority of my family would like me to settle down and start having … [Read more…]

Blog for Choice 2009: My Top Pro-Choice Hopes

It’s Blog for Choice Day and I encourage everyone to visit the blogroll of bloggers taking part and to visit their blogs, if only for this one post. Also, feel free to revisit my posts from ’07 and ’08. This year’s topic is “What is your top pro-choice hope for President Obama and/or the new … [Read more…]

Sparks: Recent Feminism of Interest

Jane Doe is standing up to the social stigma attached to having been raped and the attendant indignities she discovered were involved in attempting to report it. In Japan. Although it is both a different culture and legal system, I don’t think there’s any culture that deals with rape without social stigma or the indignities … [Read more…]

Sparks: I Couldn’t Keep Them to Myself

Obama’s first YouTube-Side Chat. I’d love to get the audio in podcast, since I have more time to listen than to watch. I’m so glad that he’s doing this (I’ve been saying for some time that the Fireside Chats need to be brought back, to increase trust and transparency; in this case, also to increase … [Read more…]

What is the Law?

I just started Law School (yesterday!) and one of the major focuses of the first classes in each course was this question. We were asked to define the law in our own words. What is the purpose of law? This question received answers like “civilizing of society”, “justice” (which was further defined as incorporating concepts … [Read more…]

Pepperdinian Christians

Yesterday was my first day in the midst of the koolaid-drinking Pepperdinians. (Aside: I told my Apple-coworkers that I felt that the Pepperdinians were a little koolaid for me and one responded, “Didn’t you find that when you came here…?” I hadn’t, but I’ve been drinking the Apple koolaid for a while, so hadn’t noticed.) … [Read more…]

the Myth of “Third Party” Votes

As a voting member of a “third” party, I am often annoyed by the assumptions of non-third party voters. First, I’d like to take issue with “third”. In general, yes, this is a two-party system. But “Green” is not synonymous with “Third”. Especially since there are some really whacked-out “thirds” that deserve to be called … [Read more…]

More Fun Quotes for MoF

I’ve been collecting emails since the success of the last Fun Quotes post. Without further ado: A myth is a religion in which no one any longer believes. -James Kern Feibleman, philosopher and psychiatrist (1904-1987) This is definitely something I’ve believed in for awhile. It’s just nice to hear someone with authority say it (in … [Read more…]

Stupidity Kills, Too

Today is the anniversary of the Supreme Court decision Griswald v. Connecticut, which ruled that Americans have a right to privacy under the Constitution (based upon the fact that things like “unlawful search & seizure” violate your privacy). Specifically, that married couples could practice contraception in the privacy of their homes and the State (of … [Read more…]