Was anyone watching these rights…?

The Interfaith Alliance is keeping tabs on the race for Pastor in Chief of the United States of America and sums up the top ten creeptastic moments that remind us that, and I quote, no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States Good … [Read more…]


Yesterday was a red-letter day for flirt-with-the-geek-chick: I turned down two guys (one asked me to a D&D tournament, which was rather endearing, actually). But what really weirded me out was “You should check out our church!” This was, obviously, not a come-on…at least not a relationship come-on. I later told a co-worker, the only … [Read more…]

On Civilized Debate

Comment from Sam on the Ten Common Misconceptions about Atheists post: Wow, I just finished reading this whole discussion, and I’ve got to say that I got more out of reading this than hours of Sunday School. Cameron, Mark, and Wendy, your civilized debate gives me hope in a world where the many talking heads … [Read more…]