Spark: We Haven’t Linked to in a While

So here you go: “Orson Scott Card Wants YOU (To Rise Up Against The Gay Menace). Including such gems as To those to of you who haven’t read Ender’s Game by Orson Scott card, warning: two spoilers follow. Spoiler 1: Your childhood was incomplete. and You’ve spent your life imagining diverse races and cultures, and … [Read more…]

Spark: Update from the Gay Marriage Files

California, post Supreme Court decision (that discrimination based on gender is discrimination), now uses marriage licenses that ask for the names of “Party A” and “Party B” to the marriage. As someone who still doesn’t feel like the word “wife” applies to her, I think this is pretty awesome. It is, however, causing waves. I … [Read more…]

a Jihad for Love

This is the trailer for a new movie, a Jihad for Love. I thought it was apropos given Prop 8’s drawing ever nearer. It is a story about the struggle of gay Muslims. I have added it to my Netflix queue, but if it comes out in the greater LA area, I’ll prolly get a … [Read more…]

Gay Marriage

There’s a debate that addresses this at school today, which I shall attend. It is put on by the local chapter of the Federalist Society (the campus representative states that they are devoted to “honest & careful interpretation of the constitution” and are “never timid about debating”). Sometimes I feel like I’m surrounded by them … [Read more…]

on Defining “Christian”

I’ve recently been listening to Atheists Talk (iTunes link), spurred in that direction by PZMyers, who was interviewed by them recently. And then I stuck around to hear their next show, in which they interviewed two Christians. While it was interesting to listen to them sputter when unable to answer questions, and relieving that the … [Read more…]

the Intersection of Politics & Religion

My father was recently interviewed again (mp3 link, will start playing as soon as it loads; somewhat confusing page it is hosted on here), promoting his position regarding a proposed ballot initiative in the State of Washington which concerns what he would call “Assisted Suicide” or “Right to Life” but which I would call “Death … [Read more…]

the Myth of “Third Party” Votes

As a voting member of a “third” party, I am often annoyed by the assumptions of non-third party voters. First, I’d like to take issue with “third”. In general, yes, this is a two-party system. But “Green” is not synonymous with “Third”. Especially since there are some really whacked-out “thirds” that deserve to be called … [Read more…]

Obama’s (Secret) Prayer

During Obama’s recent visit to the Western Wall in Jerusalem, according to tradition, he wrote a prayer on a piece of paper and left it there. However, since he is under media scrutiny right now, it was stolen by a young seminary student (who should have known better!). While I disagree completely with its theft, … [Read more…]

This is What a Feminist Acts Like

I have to give props to my husband for recently committing unanticipated acts of feminism. At a recent party, a (male) acquaintance was drunkenly holding forth about how women fundamentally change when they have sex (presumably each time, given his justification) but men do not. Therefore, it is astronomically worse for a woman to cheat … [Read more…]