I know I’m the militaristic of the two of us here at MoF, but I find myself ambivalent at the recent news that Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden has been killed by US forces (a week ago, whereupon they “took custody” of his body to make sure it was him). I have been told … [Read more…]

My Father Died Today.

(a year ago) The last few days I’ve been thinking of dad. Subconsciously, I think I remembered that it was right about now last year that he died (or consciously—it was just after finals, but before I left for Germany. It was tumultuous time). I didn’t have a great relationship with my dad. We had … [Read more…]

Acknowledging Death in Death

see the full size version for detail of the top One of the things that really bothered me about my father’s funeral was the body. It was in no way his body—he was long gone from it—and yet it was made to look “alive”. He had make up on, combed hair, a suit & tie, … [Read more…]

Speaker for the Dead

I have 5 sisters, plus a mother and an aunt. I will not likely get a chance to eulogize my father at his funeral. I also don’t believe in the “he was a great man who never made any mistakes” brand of eulogies. For myself and for him, I’d like a Speaker, to Speak the … [Read more…]

Music Monday: It Must Be the Sign on My Head

(no, not that one) “That says, ‘oh, Love Me Dead!’” or, A Feminist Critique of Ludo’s “Love Me Dead” Today’s music brought to you courtesy of DH *ahem* who picked it up from a House commercial. Which is funny, since I watch TV & he doesn’t and the song totally escaped my notice. I’ve had … [Read more…]


I’m sorry I’ve not been posting recently, law school has finally caught up with me and consumed my life. I had to cancel the event that makes the holidays bearable for me (a goose-filled gamer fest) because I simply hadn’t the time to prepare and plan it. One of the prospective attendants told me that, … [Read more…]

Music Monday: Still Alive

I’ve held off for as long as I could bear to, but it is now time to release this upon the MoF community. From the guy who brought us the classic office zombie song, Re: Your Brains and the classy May Day song, First of May, comes the geek classic Still Alive, the end-credits song … [Read more…]

Fucking Friday: Bitch 2.0

This is a link dump for things that make me want to spit. Things that piss me off & make me want to bitch—remind me why I should be angry. John just posted his experience at Church the other day, I think most of us can agree that his experience counts as something we all … [Read more…]

the Intersection of Politics & Religion

My father was recently interviewed again (mp3 link, will start playing as soon as it loads; somewhat confusing page it is hosted on here), promoting his position regarding a proposed ballot initiative in the State of Washington which concerns what he would call “Assisted Suicide” or “Right to Life” but which I would call “Death … [Read more…]