i hope you don’t mind while i think out loud as i try to make sense of what is going on in afghanistan right now. thank you, aaron and rose, for your responses to my previous post–you guys keep me honest. 🙂 considering that he is living in a world of practical politics, i think … [Read more…]


this article on the attitudes on college campuses in the u.s. towards the september 11th attacks prompted me to do some soul-searching. the author’s main point is that students and professors are stuck in a bubble of unreality because they are not actively advocating a violent retaliatory response, and that they are suggesting that the … [Read more…]


i’m still not sure how to react to this. cnn put together a video on hezbollah suicide bombers. it’s like stepping into another world: a young boy tells the cnn interviewer that he wants to be like his father, who was a suicide bomber; posters of these martyrs line the streets of hezbolla-controlled portions of … [Read more…]


i thought i would share a few links that have helped me to better understand our current crisis. the topics range from racial-profiling (is this a fancy word for discrimination?), a multi-faceted afghanistan, words of wisdom from the dalai lama, palestine and israel, and more. an african-american reflects on the racial profiling of arab-americans. (from … [Read more…]


i’ve started this piece several times in the past few days and have been unable to complete it or post it. let’s see if i do better this time. have you changed as a result of the attacks on the pentagon and the world trade center? i’m not sure if i have. i can say … [Read more…]


just returned from a candlelight vigil in aldritch park. a number of people spoke, but i was most impressed with the representative from the muslim student union who spoke of the fear she felt wearing her head scarf in public, but how she continued to wear it anyway. she also said that the terrorists were … [Read more…]


in my dream last night, i ran to pick up the phone. the voice on the other end breathed the name, “mohammed,” and then there was a long silence. i stumbled around the house locking, securing, searching, lost… i cried yesterday for the first time since the whole thing began. i came close as i … [Read more…]


this is an excerpt from an email that rose forwarded to me. i thought it was worth posting: i am a muslim and i live in the us. i was born and raised in canada with indian background. i feel i need to help clear up what is true and what is not true with … [Read more…]


i am joining my sister-in-law in fasting for the victims and their families and loved ones today. i pray that every pang of hunger will be a distant reminder of the pain and terror that many suffered before their untimely deaths, and which many are still experiencing as they battle for their lives. may the … [Read more…]


terrorism‘s number one goal is to instill fear. targets are chosen for their symbolic value–the perpetrators of yesterday’s violence chose well. the international financial/trade center and the heart of the world’s most powerful military establishment were not immune to the desperate acts of a small group of fanatics. if the world trade center and the … [Read more…]


i posted the next paragraph on bluishorange in response to someone’s comment about the manhattan skyline being forever changed: the skyline is unimportant. i think about the people who spent their last moments trying to get out of the buildings, perhaps squeezing into packed, smokey stairwells. or the people whose last few terror-filled minutes of … [Read more…]


the more i think of non-violence as a course of action, the more it makes sense to me. jana has always been the peacenik in our home. it’s funny, in retrospect, that i should be writing this, after years of strongly advocating appropriate use of force. i’m not sure if active, non-violent civil resistence can … [Read more…]