this is a sad, sad, day. even in the best of times, and even when i’ve supported the dominant party (it’s been a while–i am currently neither a republican nor a democrat), i’ve always felt that it is good to have one of the three (presidency, house, senate) in opposition to the other two, as … [Read more…]


i am a pacifist. i’ve known this for some time, but i wasn’t quite sure what the concept of ‘pacifism’ meant to me. i know that i abhor violence. my political heroes, for the most part, advocated or currently practice nonviolence: gandhi, martin luther king jr, jesus, and the dalai lama. i believe, that for … [Read more…]


the death toll in the palestinian uprising as of today: 1849 palestinians 612 israelis   51 foreigners2512 total from the news that i typcially read, one would think that israel is littered with the bodies of innocent israeli civilians mixed with bits of few palestinian suicide bombers. i think that most of us can conjure up a distinct, … [Read more…]


i feel the need to write something special for today. it is, after all, september 11th. in fact, i went to bed a little after midnight, but felt the need to write and got back up again. i’ve thought a lot about the significance of 9-11. i’ve wondered how the attacks on the twin towers … [Read more…]


i usually cast a green party protest vote every election year, but i may vote democrat this year: – democrats have a razor-thin margin of one over the republicans in the senate.– republicans have a mere 11 seat majority (out of 435) in the house. with a president and most of his hawkish advisors wanting … [Read more…]


i wrote this post a couple of days ago, but a university-wide power outage this labor day weekend has made it very difficult for me to get online to post this. i had to go in this weekend to power down our servers before the scheduled shut-off, and once again after the power came back … [Read more…]


i ran into an eye-opening op-ed piece in the new york times this morning. the author, jeffrey goldfarb, claims that the bush administration’s approach to the war on terrorism is actually harming the cause of democracy around the world. essentially, president bush is promoting american democracy by supporting dictators and withdrawing support for human rights … [Read more…]


i’m going to be positive for a change and praise dubyah and his buddies in office. never before have we had a more dedicated, determined administration. yes sirree, george junior is completely devoted to supporting his buddies in those texas energy companies. you have to admire this much about him: no price is too big … [Read more…]


you know, it’s good to see the w. bush administration involved in this whole enron scandal. i don’t understand all the ins and outs of it all, but it just wouldn’t be a right and proper american presidency without accusations of wrong-doing and the titillating promise of some high official getting caught with their metaphoric … [Read more…]


i found this fascinating book called “american personal religious accounts 1600-1980”. it is filled with descriptions of spiritual/mystical experiences and personal religious, moral and political conversions. there is so much in this book: malcolm x submits to allah, irma lindheim embraces zionism, mary baker eddy receives spiritual insight, andrew carnegie feels the call of philanthropism, … [Read more…]


rose forwarded the following email message to me and i thought it was worth sharing with everybody. i don’t think that she will mind. it made me think deeply about the concept of non-violence. my comments follow. the original text was sent by ericc@autobytel.com and begins here: with all of this talk of impending war, … [Read more…]


i received a brilliant piece of satire in my inbox in the tradition of swift’s modest proposal. the author listed a number of reasons why he was happy that america had finally started the bombing of afghanistan. here are some excerpts: “1. network unanimity in naming the war: it has been so confusing the past … [Read more…]