National Day of Prayer.

Last week I went to a “National Day of Prayer Interfaith Breakfast.” I persuaded a couple of friends into going with me through promises of gnostic feminist insight and free food. The U.S. National Day of Prayer happened to coincide with Cinco de Mayo, which wasn’t mentioned at all, and rememberance of the Shoa, the … [Read more…]

Cold War on Terror.

It occurred to me that the so-called War on Terror is our Cold War. Al-Qaeda is like the Soviet Union–ideologically opposed to Us, completely other, as separate in their worship of a hateful, vengeful Allah (unlike the one most Muslims worship) as the Soviets were in their “godless Communism.” No one is safe, no where … [Read more…]

World on Fire.

Run, do not walk, to I haven’t been this moved by a music video since I first watched Dave Matthews’ Gravedigger (in the gym, without audio, and I was on the verge of breaking into tears on the treadmill). Thank you, Sarah. I lost it–began sobbing–when watching Schindler’s List towards the end of the … [Read more…]


Exhale. While the air flows over your lips and out from your nostrils, four or five people on this earth died–for each, no breath in to replace that last breath out. Inhale. Twice that number have filled their lungs with life for the first painful time. Exhale, inhale. Breath in, breath out.

U.S. 126, Iraq 1200.

I read that this month (which isn’t quite over yet) apparently is the deadliest in terms of U.S. military deaths in Iraq (on May 2, 2003–almost exactly a year ago, Bush declared “major combat operations in Iraq have ended). The article I read tacks on this last sentence: “Up to 1,200 Iraqis also have been … [Read more…]


reading the american press (primarily cnn) one might get the impression that only americans and british are dying in iraq. my quest for a balanced view of casualties led me to gather information from a variety of news outlets, and one of these sources was the arab language satellite new station al-jazeera. al jazeera is … [Read more…]


i am sitting at my desk, casually taking bites of a salad as i read various accounts of iraqi women fleeing into the desert, saddam hussein’s baath party members taking up kalishnokovs and sandbagged positions in the streets of baghdad, american soldiers on edge, waiting near the iraqi-kuwait border. war is about to begin. in … [Read more…]


one of defense contractor raytheon’s slogans: “we own the kill chain.” they also claim that “only raytheon spans the entire kill chain.” i’d be willing to bet that more of your hard-earned dollars have been spent on raytheon products (courtesy of uncle sam) than on girl scout cookies::


last week we had uci’s first annual amnes-tea and coffee night: an evening of coffee house atmosphere and human rights related poetry, readings, and musical pieces. we came away from the whole experience feeling slightly depressed but generally motivated to help fight human rights abuses around the world. i created a presentation in flash, which … [Read more…]


this is a piece that i appended to an previous post on the holocaust and read for a poetry and music performance night for the campus chapter of amnesty international: world war two seems like so long ago, and the deliberate killing of six million ordinary men and women and children seems like it belongs … [Read more…]

9-11 revisited.

a deafening explosion rocks the building and many of her co-workers fall to the floor, stunned. she is knocked off her feet and the side of her head comes down hard on the side of a desk. as she falls, there is the roaring sound, punctuated by shattering glass and screaming. the glass sounds stop, … [Read more…]


i’ll be the first to admit that president george w. bush and i don’t see eye to eye on most things. i’ve chewed him out a few times on this site. today, however, i’d like to praise the man. president bush made a statement against anti-islamic remarks made in recent months by prominent members of … [Read more…]