Spark: India plans to incentivize female births

By giving a girl’s family […] financial benefits worth around $5,000, including health insurance, until she is 18, if she is sent to school and remains unmarried.I think this is a great idea, but I’m sure that the anti-feminists will spin it (they think that girls are more valuable than boys!!!). I also find it … [Read more…]

Spark: Atheist Moments on Colbert

Here. Including what atheists yell during sex, canoeing on a lake of fire for all eternity, the dangers of topiary, why we should have more atheists in the military, atheist storm troopers, the separation of church and town, the Gospel of Cadbury, and the Dead Faith Scrolls. (the second Dawkins vid is a duplicate) If … [Read more…]

Sunday Morning Video Lineup

A vid take on MoF’s Sparks: First up, Stuart Shepard, who I’d not heard of before today but is apparently a member of Focus on the Family’s activism arm, is encouraging everyone to encourage his God to rain on Obama’s acceptance speech. Which seems to me to be incredibly petty: pray for peace? pray for … [Read more…]

Mobile Social Foundation

One of my sisters (#4) has been known to wax poetic about the fact that, in this current day and age, people are obsessed with themselves. Hence, “i-” products (iPod, iLife, iBrator, iWannaCookie, &c.). When I heard about Apple’s migration of .Mac to MobileMe, I couldn’t conceive of telling her ( just sounds so pretentious). … [Read more…]

New Flickr Group: A Certain Slant of Light

Per my initial outreach last week, I have created a new group on flickr: A Certain Slant of Light The name, of course, is shamelessly stolen from the poem by Emily Dickinson. The purpose of the group is to provoke opportunities for creativity (I need the extra bit of discipline that comes from making commitments … [Read more…]

Random Notes on a Friday Night.

CatGirl and I are training up to LA tomorrow to see the Amy Sol exhibit at the ThinkSpace Gallery.  She’s one of our favorite contemporary artists–she inspires CatGirl’s art and my stories.  We’ve been waiting for this for months.  We’re also planning to hit the Farmer’s Market and Little Tokyo (including a possible lunch with … [Read more…]

Creative Energy.

Tonight’s menu: Pain Perdu aux Deux Tomates & Parmesan (Two Tomatoes and Parmesan French Toast) Crumble de Courgettes, Figues & Mozarella (Zucchini Crumble with Figs and Mozzarella) Île Flottante aux Praline Roses (Floating Island with Candied Almonds) Most of the preparation went well. The tomatoes and zucchini were from our garden. While prepping the crumble, … [Read more…]