Semele’s Daughter

“Semele’s Daughter” is published in Broken Time Blues: Fantastic Tales in the Roaring ’20s. My story will be available to read here for a limited time–until Hugo nominations close–by generous permission of the publisher. The Kindle Version is less than $3 on Amazon–a great deal for 12 stories by solid writers and cover & interior … [Read more…]

Liveblogging for 24-Hour Comic Day 2011

This is my live-blogging post for my attempt to produce a comic in 24 hours or less. Mainly, I’ll share tweets and images here. 05:45am: I had planned to start at least two hours earlier. I’m getting coffee, and then clock starts at 6am. Good morning. 24-Hour Comic Day: join in via Google+ hangout here: … [Read more…]

24-Hour Comic Day 2011

In less than 36 hours, I plan to participate in 24-Hour Comics Day. In a nutshell, this Saturday is set aside for masochists to create a 24-page or 100-panel comic within 24 hours. I plan to start as early as I can–3 or 4am if I can, and to live-tweet-blog-video it throughout the day and … [Read more…]


*zee oh my elder gods A friend of mine, John Jocelyn, just wrote this and I thought y’all would enjoy it.

Nine of Swords Gallery for Day Five.

Here is the gallery for the Nine of Swords–thanks for your patience! Previous galleries: Knight of Swords The Hermit Two of Pentacles The Devil Erin G., digital photos: Galen, mixed-media sketch: Elaine, personal reflection: And so, just a little reflection on how even a good day can hold anxiety and guilt: It’s amazing, the things … [Read more…]

Devil Gallery for Day Four.

Wow. Just, wow. There are some incredibly personal and vulnerable reflections in the collection for this card, as well as some amazing new creations (especially the fiction). If you don’t look at any other galleries, look at this one. And click through to see the full works in their original context. Today is the last … [Read more…]

Last Tarot

by CatGirl (don’t tell Dad) Dad’s cards were kinda boring. He’s asleep, so I’m going to use one of my AWESOME cat decks: Today’s card is the six of pentacles. And, it has KITTEHS! Plus, it’s a happier card than the other ones. Here’s more info. Did you notice the cats in the background of … [Read more…]

Tarot Randomizer, Day Six.

Welcome to Day Six (of Seven) of the Tarot Randomizer Group Creativity Experiment! Second to the last card! If you just came across this experiment and wonder what it’s all about, please read the invitation and see this for the very simple rules: the first draw. You are more than welcome to join us for … [Read more…]

Two of Pentacles Gallery for Day Three.

Thanks again for your submissions! If I missed or mischaracterized yours, please accept my apologies and let me know, and I’ll correct the error. I will post the weekend’s galleries tomorrow. Again, a reminder that most of the excerpts and even the images do not represent the entire piece in their original context. Please follow … [Read more…]

Tarot Randomizer, Day Four.

Welcome to Day Four (of Seven) of the Tarot Randomizer Group Creativity Experiment! There’s a lot of work coming in, so thanks to everyone for submitting via the comments and the twitter #MoFcGe hashtag. It’s easy to transpose letters with the hashtag, so you may want to double check. I’m spending about two to three … [Read more…]