Secret Santa: 2011

The awesome Cobwebs over at Art of Darkness (she also runs a fantabulous store at Shadow Manor) is hosting the 3rd annual Secret Santa Can Suck It, a virtual gift-swap. It’s not the swap that’s virtual, it’s the gifties. Last year, I got an amazing Cthluhu Makeover (I’m virtually wearing my tentacle dress right now) … [Read more…]

Biblical Fail

I have to post this, since it’s lolreligion. By now, I’m sure everyone has heard that a particular Christian called others to join in prayer at the bronze bull on wall street to ask god to “shift from the bull and bear markets to what we feel will be the ‘Lion’s Market,’ or God’s control … [Read more…]

Spark: Atheist Morality

This is a beautiful story from a favorite blogger, discussing why she gives money to beggars on the street. To religionists who say that morality may only come from the Divine, I give you this story. Love for fellow man need not be based in religion. This is a simple story that affected one person’s … [Read more…]

Cultural Gender

There’ve been a couple articles about gender & children’s clothing that recently got me thinking. One of my sisters has 4 boys and one girl (the youngest). Her boys all wear hand-me-downs (as I remember doing, myself), but the girl has new clothes. New, pink clothes. Sometimes not pink but instead lavender and frilly. I’ve … [Read more…]

Microfinance: Food for Thought

Microfinance is the lending and borrowing of (relatively) small amounts of money. Generally, the lender is a (relatively) rich Westerner and the borrower a poor citizen of a developing country. And I don’t mean relatively poor; I mean abject poverty, where $25 to buy a goat means the difference between being able to feed your … [Read more…]

Tea Snob

It’s been a while since we had any tea-related postings although tea has been on my mind of late. My good friend, Onigiri, has taken to calling me a tea snob, which I readily admit to, but how did I get that way? My step-mother-in-law got me into tea big time, while at the same … [Read more…]

65mph Challenge

“Hypermiling” has become all the rage in the media sources I frequent (in order of its appearance: Wired, NPR, and GroovyGreen), but it’s always seemed too dangerous and requiring too much thought. I learned to drive on the Autobahn, where there is no speed limit, only a minimum, and a posted “recommendation” of 120kph (about … [Read more…]