Liveblogging for 24-Hour Comic Day 2011

This is my live-blogging post for my attempt to produce a comic in 24 hours or less. Mainly, I’ll share tweets and images here. 05:45am: I had planned to start at least two hours earlier. I’m getting coffee, and then clock starts at 6am. Good morning. 24-Hour Comic Day: join in via Google+ hangout here: … [Read more…]

24-Hour Comic Day 2011

In less than 36 hours, I plan to participate in 24-Hour Comics Day. In a nutshell, this Saturday is set aside for masochists to create a 24-page or 100-panel comic within 24 hours. I plan to start as early as I can–3 or 4am if I can, and to live-tweet-blog-video it throughout the day and … [Read more…]

18 Hour Comic: You Are Here – A Photographic Journey Thru Heaven & Hell.

Post updated 2009-10-25 1:55PM Pacific Time: My contribution follows this introduction and the participant links. Thanks again to everyone who participated in the 18-hr comic event, either by contributing or by encouraging us along. CatGirl is the only one who achieved the main goal of 18-pages in 18 hours, and hopefully she will post them … [Read more…]

You have to be like, insane holy.

This comic by Kate Beaton perfectly captures the resignation I often feel towards work, simplicity/consumerism, and ascetic spirituality.  Following the link gets you to a long page of unlinked comics–find in page for “Hiked to Italy” for the complete comic.