if this works (i.e. if you are reading this), this post will be the first one that i’ve written and submitted from the stall in the men’s room on the fifth floor of uci’s admin building (perhaps the very porcelain the chancellor sits upon, since his office is down the hall). “but how is this … [Read more…]


it’s one of those early, godless, insomniac, see-your-breath-and-smell-your-coffee-getting-cold hours of the morning, and here i am again, sitting at the computer, seeking for comfort–for something–in the cold glow of the monitor. usually the tickle of my cat’s attention-seeking whiskers on my nose is my first sensation of the day, but today it was a wasp … [Read more…]


mindonfire.com will be on hiatus until september 30th, 2003. i will be spending my non-work, non-sleep time either: a) spending quality summer time with my family, or b) working on: grad school applications, two research projects, japanese study, and trying to become an overnight expert in the history of japanese religions. i might post something … [Read more…]


i feel like i’ve been hanging from an emotional bungee cord for the past few weeks: we are in the most idyllic living situation, but we will likely be kicked out in another month or so; i wrapped up an incredibly stressful week of work by basking in the glow of todd purgason of juxt … [Read more…]


i know it’s been a while since i’ve written. i’ve wanted to comment on a number of topics regarding the war in (or against, or for) iraq but it seems like as soon as i was ready to write about one topic, it was already obsolete, old news. i’m not sure why, but the pace … [Read more…]


i’ve been thinking about this quote from the hebrew bible (aka the old testament): “the spirit of man is the candle of the lord” (proverbs 20:27). i like this imagery. i picture a small, fragile, but brightly burning flame within my heart. i think about my family, my friends, my coworkers, the people i bump … [Read more…]


here is a note written on the whiteboard in my office: Daer Dad, I like coming to your office. I haveint seen it in a long time. You are the best [the s is backwards on the board] guy in the world that I know!!! I love you and I know that you love me … [Read more…]