My Clarion West Experience: No Conflict, No Story.

No conflict, no story. We learned this lesson within the first day or two of the workshop. We were also taught that the best authors are sadists who delight in tormenting their protagonists, making them suffer, placing them in horrific situations where they have to make heart-wrenching decisions. And this is the problem as I … [Read more…]

Clarion West 2010: Week 0.

Rather than processing, I think I’m going to give myself permission to log or list experiences, feelings, goals and images, instead of crafting a narrative out of them. I don’t think I’ll have time to process until post-Clarion, and my storytelling powers will be focused on the weekly deadlines for the workshop. The few days … [Read more…]

Failing Gloriously.

“To be great, we must attempt so much that we not only are in danger of forever failing, but that we do fail ..and in the failure create something greater than if we had set our sights lower.” Jeff Vandermeer, Booklife I live in a state of constant failure. I take on more that I … [Read more…]