Music Monday: Climb That Mountain High

I’ve been listening to this recently and it’s kept me going as law school ties me up in its basement, feeding me only bread and water, and negotiating a ransom exchange with my family husband. I keep getting the feeling that the majority of my family would like me to settle down and start having … [Read more…]


I’m sorry I’ve not been posting recently, law school has finally caught up with me and consumed my life. I had to cancel the event that makes the holidays bearable for me (a goose-filled gamer fest) because I simply hadn’t the time to prepare and plan it. One of the prospective attendants told me that, … [Read more…]

on Condescension & Diminutives

Two stories: I recently helped a customer who kept calling me “honey”. Drove me crazy. First time he said it, I said, “Please don’t call me honey. My name is xJane.” He didn’t blink & did it again. The second time I dropped the “please” and the second sentence. The third time, I said it … [Read more…]

Minority Majority

Anyone else find it ironic that “women” are still referred to as “minorities”? I visited Pepperdine last Friday and many professors, deans, and students spoke to me and my potential future classmates. I mention the particular school because I don’t know if this is representative of other law schools. I have often thought of the … [Read more…]


i feel like i’ve been hanging from an emotional bungee cord for the past few weeks: we are in the most idyllic living situation, but we will likely be kicked out in another month or so; i wrapped up an incredibly stressful week of work by basking in the glow of todd purgason of juxt … [Read more…]