Speaking of Faith

Even though I am a unabashed atheist, many of my heroes–my virtual mentors, if you will–are believers. In many ways, Krista Tippett’s (who calls herself “a person of faith”) Public Radio program Speaking of Faith sets the bar for the new Mind on Fire. Every time I listen to her interviews, she challenges my preconceptions … [Read more…]

Amazing Grace Viewing.

If you’re interested, several of the MoF faithful will be going to see Amazing Grace early Sunday afternoon in central OC. If you’d like to join us, email me (I have a gmail account, the prefix is “fierymind” ) or leave a comment indicating interest (that way you can privately leave your email address for … [Read more…]

Misquoting Jesus: Chapter 2

the Copyists of the Early Christian Writings In this chapter, Ehrman discusses the problems inherent in the system of copying sacred texts by hand and explores some of the reasons behind changes we know or guess exist (with examples & humor). Spoilers follow

Misquoting Jesus Book Group: Chapter Five – Originals that Matter.

Elise has posted her pithy summary of Chapter Five of Bart Ehrman’s Misquoting Jesus. She then posts a personal response on modeling Christ’s character that is definitely worth reading. It’s an excellent example of faith negotiating modern secular scholarship. Once again, you needn’t have read the chapter (or the book, for that matter) to contribute … [Read more…]

Misquoting Jesus Book Group: Chapter Three – Texts of the New Testament.

Johnny now has his commentary of chapter three of Bart Ehrman’s Misquoting Jesus up at The Fire Sermon. Bored in Vernal alerted me to the following LDS discussions of the book: Jeff analyzes, from an LDS perspective, Ehrman’s assertion that later scribes added Jesus’ bloody sweat to Luke’s narrative. Dave reviews the entire book, chapter … [Read more…]