Book a Day, Giveaway 024: Persepolis.

Some years back, I decided to grow a collection of critically acclaimed graphic novels. It was (and still is) perhaps my favorite storytelling form, and I already had some of the classic superhero and fabulist novels: Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns, Alan Moore’s Watchmen, Neil Gaiman’s Sandman. After encountering Art Spiegelman’s daring and sensitive depiction of … [Read more…]

Book a Day, Give Away: Playing Catch Up.

[Update: as of 6:28pm Pacific time on January 20th, only Generation Dead, Infidels, Battle for God, and the New Testament Exegesis books are available] Many apologies for slacking on the posts. The past week has been crazy busy, and I didn’t realize how much this project could add up, in time and shipping costs! First … [Read more…]

Book a Day, Giveaway 008: Tolkien’s World: Paintings of Middle Earth.

[Update 1/17/2011: Book gifted to Tyler–please see comments below!] Connie Willis’ Hugo and Nebula-nominated Doomsday Book is still up for grabs! At this point, it’s first come, first served. I mailed out the first batch of books on Thursday, and hand-delivered a few yesterday. I love the little human connections I’m making, and the possible … [Read more…]

Book a Day, Giveaway 006: Folk Bags.

Cosmos is still up for grabs! It’s a beautifully-written book full of awe-some photos and sciencey-goodness. Today’s book reflects my love and frustration with knitting: I began knitting years ago when I had my worst bout of insomnia and anxiety (after ditching grad school dreams). The repetitive action required little awake-brain-power and was calming. The … [Read more…]

Book a Day, Giveaway 005: Cosmos by Carl Sagan.

Congrats to Elaine Emmi, who has great plans for Torjesen’s When Women Were Priests. I’m actually having a lot of fun giving these books away. Part of it comes from the opportunity to make connections with people who share my interests. Most of these books were just sitting on my shelf, anyway–it makes me happy … [Read more…]