Contradictory Beliefs

Much has been made (often by atheists) about the necessarily contradictory beliefs that theists must hold. It may be that the “iron of Calvinism” Catholicism is wrapped ’round my bones, but I still manage to hold intensely contradictory beliefs. I am absolutely an atheist, but it comforts me to believe in the Divine, and so … [Read more…]


I think I’m going to observe lent this year. I remember hating Lent as a kid: I was forced to “give up” something I liked for reasons not well explained to me. That is, until I did the math and discovered that Sundays don’t count in Lent and Sundays are never days of fasting, so … [Read more…]

Stem Cell Poem

I feel compelled to continue the Streisand effect that the Life Legal Defense Foundation’s opposition to one Tyson Anderson’s poem has caused. Apparently, California Institute for Regenerative Medicine sponsored a contest soliciting poems about stem cell research. They did this last year (you can find the winners here) and again this year, in honor of … [Read more…]

Spirituality for Skeptics.

Hi. My name is John, and I’m a spiritual atheist. Like “God,” the word “spirituality,” is a conveniently ambiguous term. That said, it’s not so vague as to be totally meaningless. I think it captures an area of concern better than any other term out there. I especially like Wikipedia’s definition: Spirituality can refer to … [Read more…]

Underground Atheism

A friend of mine just started a Free Thought group on Facebook. It’s secret, so it doesn’t show up on any of our pages. While I’m dismayed that he thinks it’s necessary to meet in secret (rather than meet in a room at the school, an undisclosed location in public is noted on the group … [Read more…]

“a nation of citizens who are bound by ideals and […] values”

This is how our president defined our country yesterday. Explicitly denying that it was a “Christian nation” and explicitly stating that this fact is one of our “great strengths”. It’s nice to be reminded of this—and by someone so high in the administration! It is vogue for politicians to exclaim “God bless America!” Whether or … [Read more…]

OMG, go watch Kings, now.

It’s got it all: atheism, spirituality, god, scifi, and good music!! Hulu’s got the first four eps up right now (and it doesn’t keep them forever), so go catch up. It’s too smart and too well written to stay on the air for long. It’s the story of Kings David and Saul transposed into a … [Read more…]

Texas & England: Creationism & Its Dangers

Texas is reviewing its science standards, specifically with the desire to remove them altogether. Skepchick has a great discussion of exactly what this means, but here’s the short version: Texas and California’s choices for scientific textbooks drives the availability of textbooks nationwide because of their massive marketshare the Texas State Board of Education (TSBE) has … [Read more…]

Spark: Conservatives are More Likely to Consume Porn

Late to the party on this one, I know, sorry. It turns out that conservative (read: religious) states have the highest porn rates in the country. Probably because they’re not allowed to have deviant (read: fun) sex at home. Meanwhile, people living in enlightened areas of the country have other outlets for their sexual urges, … [Read more…]

Sparks: Daylight Atheism

I’m catching up on local news (read: blogs) while my cousin is in town (trying not to be too antisocial by spending all my free time blogging) and enjoyed particularly this most recent post at Daylight Atheism: No Holy Ground, a rational look at the conflict in the so-called “Holy Land” and how it is … [Read more…]