Not Spam.

In my earlier post I think I distracted readers with thoughts of tasty, salty pork shoulder and ham or awakened anger against electronic junk mail.  This is totally understandable (mmmmmm….spam….).  But I hope a few of you will help me out with this struggle: I’m still reading through Bury the Chains which covers the first … [Read more…]

Earth Day 2007: Elements

For Earth Day this year, I want to draw the focus away from “earth” as an entity separate from us and from the many forces that act upon it. Earth is one of the (Western) traditional elements but it’s also a large rock we all live on. So today, let’s look at the three additional … [Read more…]


my need to write for mind on fire ebbs and flows…for the time being, my life is full. what fills my life? selling cookies for my beloved daughter’s girl scout troop…shouting “no blood for oil!” with thousands of other demonstrators while marching through downtown los angeles…contemplating the existence or non-existence of god with dear friends…building … [Read more…]