Containing, as it does, both Earth & Arbor days, April is the month when we look to the soil and the earth for inspiration. Earlier this month, I created a new Urb Garden, which is so far doing quite well. My cucumbers are happily strangling my tomatoes and the strawberries & mint are locked in … [Read more…]

Was anyone watching these rights…?

The Interfaith Alliance is keeping tabs on the race for Pastor in Chief of the United States of America and sums up the top ten creeptastic moments that remind us that, and I quote, no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States Good … [Read more…]

Spark: Reasons to Recycle

A fantastic set of artistic works that capture, in a snapshot (I use the term loosely, more often in a 60’x40′ canvas) the kinds of things that get through out daily, weekly, every five minutes, &c. Many of these I would love to buy prints of (I especially like Paper Bags and Jet Trails). Spark … [Read more…]

My Pilgrimage to Nonviolence, by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

[wp_youtube]k04KzgYRKrE[/wp_youtube] In place of the regularly scheduled Leaving the Garden series, I bring you Dr. King’s difficult journey that ultimately led to his acceptance of nonviolence and the rejection of American Christian political orthodoxy.  His Pilgrimage to Nonviolence is a fascinating and intimate revelation of his initial convictions, his questioning process, his doubts, and the … [Read more…]

Spark: Muslim Women in the News

Turkey’s Political Tensions Weigh on Women’s Heads, where a new law allows headscarves in universities. hat tip Writers Can’t See Past the Veil, a critique of Muslim women’s recent portrayal in the news. Using the Koran to feminist ends. Spark is a new category for sharing links. No intense commentary, just a link & a … [Read more…]

Blame the Victim

The Hathor Legacy & Zenit have awesome pieces up right now about women’s role in violence against them. The Hathor Legacy examines the myth of equating surrender to protection while Zenit has a startlingly (and I believe unintentionally) feminist examination of women’s role in their own subjugation. Both are worth a read (in the order … [Read more…]

Blogging for Choice 2008: Why It’s Important to Vote Pro-Choice

It’s that time of year again: time for me to co-opt John’s blog & flood it with links (hopefully) from feminists. Welcome, feminists! This year’s topic, and I’m really glad they give us topics, is Why It’s Important to Vote Pro-Choice. My response is that the personal is the political. It’s a tired feminist line … [Read more…]

A Day Late & a Dollar Short…

Yesterday was Buy Nothing Day, an anti-holiday to point out the consumerism that we (westerners) indulge in on a daily basis. My ability to observe buy nothing day is often predicated on who I’m hanging out with at the time. At one half of my in-laws, there’s usually enough left overs and we’re far enough … [Read more…]

Public v. Private

As I watch (figuratively, since I get all my news from the radio) LA’s mayor’s marriage slowly dissolve, I’m reminded of the Clinton debate: is what you do in your private life at all applicable to what your public life might be?