Music Monday: Geri Halliwell is a Liar

Because her boots aren’t made for walking but for ass kicking! This is one of my favorite covers of all time. Geri Halliwell is an ex-Spice Girl (Ginger) and in my book, that alone qualifies one for a certain level of awesome. But on her own, she continues to kick musical, proverbial, ass and this … [Read more…]

Secret Santa (Can Suck It) to Inveigh

The inestimable Cobwebs of Shadow Manor (she and I have a teeny bit of a mutual admiration society going on) started a Santa Can Suck It virtual gift exchange last year. The concept is simple: pretend to give things to someone you’re secretly given as if you cared enough to spend the time/money to actually … [Read more…]

Freedom of WTF

I’m slowly training Facebook ads that anything in the category “weight loss”, “traditionally female jobs”, or “baby anything” is “offensive”. Confused, it has now been showing me only martial arts and legal-related stuff. So I guess this falls under “legal-related stuff”…or it’s figured out that I’m a sucker for “random jewelry”. Either way, Facebook ads … [Read more…]

Music…Last Day of Hanukkah

I’ve actually got eight that I had intended to share, because there are many awesome Hanukkah songs out there, but I got wrapped up in school, so here, for the last day of Hanukkah, is one of the best new Hanukkah songs. I’ve heard the complaint that it’s been autotuned, which I don’t always find … [Read more…]


In Germany, children leave their shoes out on December 5th and awaken to find them filled with candy and [chocolate] gold coins. December 6th is Niklaustag, St. Nicholas Day, and he has visited the evening before to distribute small toys and candy. This is what my mom told me every year, when she reminded me … [Read more…]


Happy Halloweekend! I hope everyone has a spooky, safe, costumey, awesome Hallowe’en! I ran across this tweet by Neil Gaiman a few days ago, linking to an article he wrote for last year’s Hallowe’en: A few small Hallowe’en thoughts from a few years ago, from the New York Times: PM Oct 26th via TweetDeckNeil … [Read more…]

Music Monday: Ukulele

I thought of Lessie Brown while listening to this episode of KCRW’s On the Beat the other day. She’s in law school and learning to play the guitar; she mused a few weeks ago: Thinking I should learn to play ukulele. Then I could stash it in my locker at school and have something to … [Read more…]

Stem Cell Poem

I feel compelled to continue the Streisand effect that the Life Legal Defense Foundation’s opposition to one Tyson Anderson’s poem has caused. Apparently, California Institute for Regenerative Medicine sponsored a contest soliciting poems about stem cell research. They did this last year (you can find the winners here) and again this year, in honor of … [Read more…]


Well, my association with all you peaceniks and Quakers has finally made an impact (and that’s a good thing! but I never thought it’d happen). It used to be that my default impulse to just about any stimulus was one of defense. Not necessarily physical but definitely defensive. When I went to domestic violence training … [Read more…]

Music Monday: Prayer of St. Francis, Redux

Today is the Catholic feast of St. Francis of Assisi. Some parishes encourage their members to bring animals to church today to be blessed. I’ve chosen this song before as a Music Monday and I’m sorry for the recycling. However, so that you aren’t stuck with the same thing all over again, here’s the version … [Read more…]

Music Monday: Finding Peace

With all the strife going on in my life these days (see my twitter feed starting last Sunday), I really needed to see this this morning. The woman whose website I saw it on has fantastic Spirit Sunday and Wordless Wednesday posts that are totally worth you few moments of online meditation. If the world … [Read more…]

Music Monday: Everything Ends.

I had a great weekend. I nearly missed my flight to SFO because of a TSA mishap (my gods, they’re worse than The [Scary, Scary] Terrorists!), which caused me to nearly miss my flight out of SFO to Medford. But upon arriving n Medford, I had an absolute blast. Hung out with friends old and … [Read more…]