Weekly Challenge: Dream

This week’s challenge is to dream. Technically, every time a human sleeps (at night, I don’t think naps count for this), that human dreams. Dreaming is one of our brain’s mechanisms to relax and rejuvenate. So while you’re asleep, your brain is still firing. These firings are what we call “dreams”. Whether or not you remember your dreams when you wake is another matter, but everyone has dreams.

Friday Afternoon Tea: Tea

a Brief Overview

Any real tea that you will encounter, though it may seem different from all its siblings, is from the same tree: Camillia sinensis. The most common kind of tea in the US is black tea, although that may be changing, so I’ll start with that.

  • Black tea comes from leaves from the plant that are picked, withered, rolled, fermented, and fired. Black tea has the most caffeine of all teas, but still less than coffee. Black tea is best steeped in hot water for at least 3 minutes, but one can often get away with less.
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    After an evening hanging out with some friends, DH & I were driving home. We agreed it was a travesty that they were raising their child Catholic & I complained about the excess of Catholic comments throughout the evening (this makes it sound like I hated it, but really I did enjoy the evening), one of which involved something along the lines of “I can’t believe atheists believe in [something] but not in God!” followed by “aren’t they just so stupid it’s cute” laughter. I bristled and said that “everyone encounters God differently” but I don’t think that went over well.

    Friday Afternoon Tea

    In discussing the changes that we were implementing to the site (and when I say “we” I mean “John”), Friday catblogging came up (we both live with two cats, meaning that we’re sadly behind on our quota of catblogging. Personally, I merely tolerate the kitties and, while I think they can be alarmingly cute, I’ve seen enough of other people’s children that I know better than to inflict my cats on you. If I had a dog (when I get a dog) you may be in trouble.

    So we decided we should do Friday Teablogging, but decided that sounded a little too vulgar. So Afternoon Tea it is!

    Exploration of a Theme: the Perceived Threat of Homosexual Relationships

    I was reading an article in Mother Jones (it’s not online yet, I’ll link to it when it is) about homosexuality and “cures”. I’d like to steer clear of whether or not it can be cured, is psycholgical vs. physical, or any of that stuff. What I’d like to explore is the reason that (often right-leaning) people want to believe that it is “curable”. What came to my mind as I was reading this was the possibility that a reason this is such important point to people is equality.