Taking the Plunge Pledge

It’s that time of year again: the time of year that I studiously avoid my sewing desk like the plaque (xJane discovers “strike through”) plague. Last year I managed to avoid it so (sew?) studiously that my mother’s xmas gift was completed in the car on the way from LA to SEA. That was unfortunate. … [Read more…]

The Power of the Small

I feel privileged to live in the same world as this girl. Haley Gee is a 9 year old who, upon hearing of the oil spill in NorCal, took up a collection at her school. She managed to raise only about a hundred dollars, but presented it proudly to the International Bird Rescue Research Center. … [Read more…]

Review: the Golden Compass

I just got back from a screening of the movie the Golden Compass. My initial reaction: it was briskly paced (for a 2 hr movie) and reminds me of the very first HP. If you read and enjoyed the book, you’ll like the movie, because it’s basically an illustration of the book, rather than a … [Read more…]

A Day Late & a Dollar Short…

Yesterday was Buy Nothing Day, an anti-holiday to point out the consumerism that we (westerners) indulge in on a daily basis. My ability to observe buy nothing day is often predicated on who I’m hanging out with at the time. At one half of my in-laws, there’s usually enough left overs and we’re far enough … [Read more…]

Insidious Effects

Ran across this the other day: a discussion of Hollywood sexism translated to the animal kingdom. Some interesting points that I’d not thought of before, especially since I enjoyed the Lion King thinking that the got at least some of the animal-gender-roles correct. This basically makes me want less to watch Bee Movie even less, … [Read more…]


I know it sounds trite, but I’d like us all to take a moment to think about & share what it is we are thankful for. I’ve recently been given the opportunity to appreciate the things I have in my life; as is often the case, this is due to the fact that some of … [Read more…]

A step back in time

at least, I wish it was. Unfortunately, this is a recent commercial, all the scarier for that. Just built different. I’ll remember that the next time someone thinks I’m not smart because I don’t have dangly wobblies between my legs: I’m just built different. My poor, female brain simply can’t handle the complexities of [insert subject here]. I wonder what might have happened to my misshapen brain had I been given such a toy when I thought I was still equal to boys.

Wednesday Challenge: Mock Death

Happy Hallowe’en, everyone! One of the dominant themes of the holiday is to turn the scary into something safe. Often this is done by turning the scary into the funny or the cute: dressing children up like ghosts or monsters. Sometimes this is done by inuring ourselves to the scary by participating in it in a safe way: watching scary movies that we can turn off or walk away from.

October Moon

Despite the heat LA has experienced in the last few days I know it’s October at night. There must be something about the proximity & angles of the moon to the northern hemisphere in October, because I can tell what month it is by looking at the moon regardless of where I’ve found myself of an October. It’s big, orange, and slightly obscured by clouds in a painfully romantic way.