As I was struggling with what I believed (and how that differed from what my family believed), I came up with a view of the universe that relies upon infinity. This was a concept I was very comfortable with: History starts when we start writing things down and billions and trillions of years are hard … [Read more…]

Spe Salvi

Kevin asked that John review the Rat’s most recent encyclical (open letter to The Faithful), Spe Salvi. I had previously thought that I’d like to do a bit of a review of Deus Caritas Est, the prior encyclical but am having difficulty slogging through it. I still hope to get to it. An encyclical is … [Read more…]

Friday Afternoon Tea: Tea of Balance

I know we’re not doing the Friday Afternoon Tea any more, because it’s not really part of the “new” MoF. But I’m logging this under spirituality, so there 🙂 (don’t expect one next week) Regular readers should have discovered by now that I am, among many many other things, a dualist. I have a yin-yang … [Read more…]

Thoughts on Modesty

Two links: On Feministing, a moderate flamewar between two bloggers caused the following: Dawn took down this picture of me from her post after a commenter complained that I was “immodestly dressed.” Shoulders, apparently, are the new cooter. My response was that I, too, had been told off for baring my cooter shoulders. Frequent readers … [Read more…]

Most Badass Bible Verses

I’d like to see a similar compilation of the Koran, but in the meantime, I shall leave you with this thought: instead of prayers in schools, we should have bears in schools. And let you find out for yourselves exactly which verse that describes. hattip

Overheard at Lunch Yesterday

Male Stranger: Ma’am, I’m Muslim. Female Stranger: That’s okay, we’re all god’s children. She then continued with many “god bless you”s and eventually managed to convince this man (through sheer force of pressing it upon him) to try out as a Tenor for her church choir. I’m going to make a few assumptions here: that … [Read more…]