Valentine’s Day Idea

While the recent decision in the Prop 8 debacle was a great birthday present for me, Valentine’s Day is coming up and the battle isn’t over yet. Here is a fantastic idea for Valentine’s: the All You Need Is Love Campaign. Someone found out that the average person (? couple?) spends $100 on Valentine’s Day … [Read more…]

Proposition 8: Still Unconstitutional

Today, the Ninth Circuit (the federal court in whose jurisdiction California falls) published its decision upholding the prior ruling that stated that Proposition 8 is unconstitutional. Of course, this is a bit of a “duh” moment, but it’s still good news. What follows is, I hope, an English translation of the decision for the lay-person. … [Read more…]

Spark: Ashay!

I don’t know how much longer this (iTunes link) will be up, so dl it today and give it a listen. The Moth is “true stories told live” without notes. There is a podcast which I love listening to. It’s like This American Life without the host. I just heard this amazing story (iTunes link) … [Read more…]

It’s happening again.

Remember Prop 8? For me, the wounds are still raw (current status: overturned but implementation stayed; trapped in the appellate process [English: not legal but in effect]). I went to a school that threw its 501(c) out the window in the name of religious zealotry and continues to treat some of its students as second-class. … [Read more…]

“I’d do her.”

These words make me cringe. As though that’s a compliment. As though the opposite is an insult. But I ran across this recently and it struck me as being a perfect sentiment: I’d do her. If, like, she were still alive. And would have me. [Obviously, this was about a historic figure.] “And would have … [Read more…]

Secret Santa: 2011

The awesome Cobwebs over at Art of Darkness (she also runs a fantabulous store at Shadow Manor) is hosting the 3rd annual Secret Santa Can Suck It, a virtual gift-swap. It’s not the swap that’s virtual, it’s the gifties. Last year, I got an amazing Cthluhu Makeover (I’m virtually wearing my tentacle dress right now) … [Read more…]


Because Sinfest is that awesome, Tatsuya Ishida just did a sequence on the patriarchy and male privilege. They start here. Thumbnails and commentary below the fold.

the Anonymity Conundrum

Two recent internet interactions:   Anonymous Dude on Twitter: Atheists express their rage against God although in their view He does not exist. -C. S. Lewis My reply: Funny, I don’t feel rage-filled. Maybe C.S. Lewis was projecting.   Facebook “friend”: Don’t you think this might have something to do with women’s biology? It would … [Read more…]


The subject of Perfection In Heaven has been crossing my path recently, most likely via a podcast (Atheists Talk (iTunes link) by Minnesota Atheists, Ask an Atheist, the Atheist Community of Austin‘s Atheist Experience or Non-Prophets (iTunes link), or FFRF‘s Freethought Radio). This is the proposition that (a) we are fallen, imperfect beings unworthy of … [Read more…]

Music Monday: John Henry has two women

Okay, I bought this album solely because I heart Hugh Laurie. I was first introduced to his awesomeness (or, rather, His Awesomeness) when he was Prince George in my favorite British comedy of all time, The Blackadder (I still find that Mr. Bean is an absolute waste of Rowan Atkinson’s talents). But as great of … [Read more…]