2016: My Year in Books

2016 was the year I reclaimed my reading life: I read almost as many books in one year as I did in the previous three years combined. I credit some of this shift to GoodReads, which allowed me to keep reading as a priority, especially with social media and election news competing for my reading … [Read more…]

Guns vs Education

For every gun shop in America, there are about one and a half K-12 schools.  If you live in an average American community and count up about how many elementary, middle, and high schools there are around you, there should be two-thirds as many gun retailers. (This includes pawn shops licensed to sell firearms.) Of course, … [Read more…]

Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics

I ran into this headline today: “PEW POLL: 63 MILLION MUSLIMS SUPPORT ISIS IN ELEVEN COUNTRIES” I won’t link to the article, but you can probably find this site through a quick search. My first thought was that this number seemed small–I was pretty sure that there were over a billion Muslims in the world. Sure enough, … [Read more…]