The Dream, Ignited.

My best friend Chris, who got me into Mormonism (I forgive him), also got me into 80s heavy metal and 70s progressive rock. I remember sneaking out of Architectural Drafting class, heading over to Chris’ house and sitting in his bedroom, wearing my jean jacket and threadbare cons and listening to Black Sabbath, or Iron … [Read more…]

Why Rock Climbing?

Maybe you’ve wondered about my new passion. I know that it’s a question I’d like to explore myself. Climbing has become increasingly important to me in the past half year or so, and sometimes I feel a little alone in my passion for the activity. I wonder sometimes if climbing doesn’t seem (to others, looking … [Read more…]

By What Standard Should I Measure Success?

I’m never quite sure what to make of days like today. I did lots of good: I spent time with people I care about, including helping Jana get ready for her trip and taking her to the airport and sushi/grocery-shopping/practice/dinner with the kiddos. I got in a spectacular bouldering session, working hard and conquering new … [Read more…]


No writing today. Spent my lunch break focused on inverted bouldering, and hung out this evening with author, F/friend and fellow spiritual traveler Elissa from Portland. In spite of some of the rotten things happening in the world, witnessing (via twitter and other media) the good hearts of my friends as they reach out to … [Read more…]

Failing Gloriously.

“To be great, we must attempt so much that we not only are in danger of forever failing, but that we do fail ..and in the failure create something greater than if we had set our sights lower.” Jeff Vandermeer, Booklife I live in a state of constant failure. I take on more that I … [Read more…]

Little Wins.

The above picture’s actually from yesterday. CatGirl and I are showing off our thrift store finds: she has a shirt for the Wizard band, Harry and the Potters, and I used my Powers of Japanese to get a shirt with the kanji for “Death by Overwork: Take care not to work too hard” (this is … [Read more…]


Spring 2010 brought two major changes to the Remy family. This post is my attempt to articulate my response to this combined life event. First, Jana started working full-time. She’s commuting, traveling to conferences, and working on her dissertation. The outrigger racing season also starts this week. It’s an exciting time for Jana, and I … [Read more…]

First of May!

And you know what that means! Here’s the link to our Mind on Fire virtual choir cover of Jonathan Coulton’s First of May from last year. If you give it a listen, be sure to stay tuned to the end, when things get interesting. Also, NSFW!

Food Nerd test post

All right, folks, name that movie: Dr. Peter Venkmen: “He slimed me.” Dr. Ray Stanz: “That’s great!” Following in the tradition of these famous, world-saving researchers, we1 at Food Nerd Labs(tm) have decided in this first post to explore the use of slime in cuisine with the same enthusiastic dedication. If you don’t want to … [Read more…]

Nine of Swords Gallery for Day Five.

Here is the gallery for the Nine of Swords–thanks for your patience! Previous galleries: Knight of Swords The Hermit Two of Pentacles The Devil Erin G., digital photos: Galen, mixed-media sketch: Elaine, personal reflection: And so, just a little reflection on how even a good day can hold anxiety and guilt: It’s amazing, the things … [Read more…]