Mind on Fire is devoted to religion and skepticism, with frequent detours into science fiction, feminism, and other (mostly geeky) pet topics. It aims to be respectfully iconoclastic and thoroughly sacrilicious.

John Remy: [editor and permablogger] is an atheist-Quaker and secular humanist, cultural Shinto-Buddhist-Christian, and former Mormon; a religious studies graduate student, pseudo-journalist, and aspiring science fiction author. He started Mind on Fire in 2001 and is amazed to see that its engine is still good, even after all the miles on it.

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xJane: [permablogger] found Mind on Fire through the wonders of the internet in connecting like-minded peoples. She contributes sporadically with her strong opinions and tries not to offend her readers: this is her toned down. She comes from a predominately Catholic background but is currently exploring atheistic spirituality.

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