The Dan no Uchi Horror

Cover of Swords v Cthulhu

Swords v. Cthulhu, edited by Jesse Bullington and Molly Tanzer, 2016

“Swift-bladed action in the World of H. P. Lovecraft”

“Inochinomi, samurai’s daughter, knelt in the mud. In final position for seppuku, the point of her tanto dagger hovered, ready to strike. The blade quivered, swaying with her breathing, like an edgy viper.

Honor. This was the way of the warrior. Her father’s way. He died with such honor. She served as his second, beheaded him with a powerful stroke. Ended his agony as his intestines spilled over his tanto. In her mind’s eye, his head came to a stop, glaring at her. Honor, his eyes rebuked her.

Night crept closer, the forest bleeding shadows, heavy rain and the altar-like mountain of Dan no Uchi conspiring with her pursuers against her.  So close to her uncle’s monastery, and she had no light. She could barely see her weapons—a bamboo bow, a quiver and her naginata—just an arm’s reach away. The lead scouts would catch her first. Perhaps the half-demons could see in the dark. Or track her like hounds. No choice. No hope.”

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