We’re being played.

The Trump-Bannon team is playing us with the President’s whole “the dishonest press isn’t reporting terrorist attacks” line and Spicer’s list.
This is an attempt to push a narrative on the American people that our greatest existential threat comes from terror attacks by Islamic extremists. By responding to and covering the list, the media is amplifying this story.
One clue to the nature of the list: it lists a lone wolf IS-inspired vehicle attack in Quebec that killed one soldier in 2014, but not the anti-immigrant attack that killed 6 Muslims in Quebec just a week ago. The list also includes the Orlando night club shooting but not the Charleston church shooting.
The way to respond to this is with counter-narratives, ones that address more serious threats to us as Americans. We could just as easily make the focus a list of anti-black, anti-semitic, anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant hate crimes that resulted in deaths; and domestic terrorist attacks by white supremacists; blacks killed by law enforcement officials; mass shootings in the US (esp. when *only* 2 or 3 or 4 people are killed in domestic violence incidents–these often go unnoticed by national media).
How many of these categories are under reported? How much is this administration fostering an environment in which deaths in each of these categories will multiply? The middle-class, middle-American whites that Trump is speaking to are *so* very unlikely to die at any Muslim’s hands (unless they’re sent to fight the hot war that this administration is looking to start with Iran), but blacks and Latinos and Muslims (and people mistaken for Muslims) and women in our country live under a constant and statistically significant threat of hate-motivated violence.
But Trump wants *white* Americans to be afraid, and today, the media is signal boosting his horror story, just like he wants them to. We should turn it back on Trump: what is he doing to keep Americans safe from hate-crimes, domestic violence, white supremacists, and mass-shooters with easy access to assault weapons?

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