You can now listen to my story, “Impossibility Crow”, at Escape Pod!

I’m super excited to announce that my story, “Impossibility Crow” was posted to Escape Pod today! The narrator, Roberto Suarez, did a fantastic job and I want to buy him a beer and/or lunch the next time I’m in Portland. And oh! I can die happy now that I’ve heard Alasdair Stuart praising my story in his always brilliant wrap-up.

You can listen to and/or read the story here:

EP557: Impossibility Crow

And here’s an excerpt to whet your appetite:

The Kingdom Coffee Missionary Handbook tells Paulo that he should always put his guns away during a door approach. He’s heard this hundreds of times before, but the Handbook speaks with a voice of authority, deep like a luchador’s, strong like a drill sergeant’s, calm like his abuelito’s. It slides in just under his ARgog’s selectively amplified environmental audio. 450 bonus points if the contact is completed without violence, calculates the Handbook, 900 if there are no deaths. Each death harms the public image of the Kingdom, the Handbook tells him. Paulo nods agreement. Way better to spread the faith on the no-kill difficulty setting.

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