Secret Santa Can Suck It: KSena

This is one of my favorite times of year: the virtual gift-exchange that the Caretaker over at Shadowmanor organizes. If nothing else, it’s a reminder of how infrequently a blog…

The rules are simple: what would I give to my Secret Santa (wait, I’m the Secret Santa, my secret…naughty child…?) if I had endless time, money, and desire to do so.

This year, I got KSena. What I know we have in common is that we’re both readers of Shadowmanor, so I like her already!

The first thing she gets is a Kindle, because she loves to read. And not one of those crazy iPad-knock-offs, but one that’s almost exactly like a book except much lighter and may require a battery. I’d get her a Nook, if she prefers, but really, it’s so much easier to get things onto a Kindle, sorry Barnes & Noble: I love you, I really do, but you’re Sony [Betamax/Minidisc] in this analogy.

She appears to also like vampirey things, so I will throw in not just some of my favorite vampy books but a session with the librarian at my formerly-local library, who would always recommend delightfully dark fiction for me.

To make up for not having a Nook, however, she’ll get a nook [my embedding of images-fu is failing me]! An appropriately gothic nook to put her in the mood for reading.

Of course, she’s also a fan (if her reblogs can be believed) of the Daily Show. So she—and her family—will get an all-expenses-paid trip to NYC for a taping! Including first-class airfare and accomodations, of course. There, they’ll get to have dinner with Jon Stewart and he’ll sign her new copy of Earth: A Visitor’s Guide to the Human Race!

Happy Christmahanakwanza, KSena!

Finally, she’ll get a time turner, because, as usual, this got posted late 🙁


  1. Ha ha ha! 😀 Oh, that’s awesome! And put a smile on my face! Just what I needed tonight. 😀

    Vampire-girl, yes indeed I am. I LOVE VAMPIRES! (And I am not talking annoying glittery fairies pretending to be vampires…) BRING THE BLOOD AND GORE, I say! *lol* I love that reading-nook. SO much want. One day when I am rich I’ll have a house with nooks like that everywhere…

    Kindles are pretty cool. The thought to get one has struck me since, from what I’ve heard, it’s easy to read fanfic on it to. And I do read a shit-ton of fanfic. 😉

    And lastly, The Daily Show. *LOL* Well, yes. I don’t follow it daily (pun not intended), but as soon as I see someone linking to it, or reblog it or whatever… I get stuck. So that would be AWESOME!

    A wonderful Secret Santa this! 😀 THANK YOU!

    • Oh, I’m so glad you liked it!! Yes, I figured you were a real vampire fan, not one of those sparkly ones 😉 Check out Kiss of the Butterfly, one of the scariest vampire books I’ve read in a while (complete with Vlad himself!). If you ever get a Kindle, I’ll lend it to you 🙂 Happy Holidays!

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