Music Monday: It’s Where You Keep the Rooster

Yesterday, the Bloggess posted this, which caused me to go here and read this.


Mary QoE June 30, 2013 at 1:08 pm
When I first heard the Three Dog Night Song, my girlfriend and I thought the lyrics were, “Eli’s coming in a cocksafe . . .” and we asked another kid, what’s a cocksafe, because we had NO idea (just that it must be really gross and how could they play a song like that on the radio, anyway). When the kid we asked stopped laughing we found out the lyrics were actually, “Eli’s coming and the cards say. . .”

Still. I cannot hear that song without thinking it says cocksafe.

Never having heard this song, I googled it and learned two things:

1. Three Dog Night is not a ’90s grunge band, as I previously thought.
2. This is an awesome song.

Unfortunately, I didn’t hear either “cocksafe” or “cards say” the first time through so I had to google the lyrics. And then I did gospel hands the rest of the day.

*too lazy, didn’t click


  1. In a similar vein, somebody in my FB feed noted that until five minutes previously she didn’t know that the lyric was “And now you find yourself in ’82.” I, personally, had always thought it was “empty tomb,” which at least makes sense in an overly-dramatic emo sort of way. I was annoyed that she’d made this song even *more* peculiar.

    This kind of mishearing, incidentally, is called a “Mondegreen.”

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