Music Monday: Things That Never Cross a Man’s Mind

Does it make me sexist if I think this is a hilarious song? In fact, I don’t know any man to whom all of these apply—and many women to whom at least some of them do. So: here’s a good song with some tropes but a good beat.


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  1. Andrew Hathorn

    If this song doesn’t describe me I don’t know what does. It’ s a song that is meant to be funny and is funny. I particularly like the lyric wettin’ my line. I love fishing there’s nothing like the good ole’ smell of river and if I have some free time with my buddies that’s what we do. What’s good though is I know tons of women that love to “wet their line” instead of doing whatever else they probably should be doing. Stereotypes in general can be an exaggeration, but if you don’t take them personal and really this one ain’t offensive at least to me, it is a good chuckle.

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