“I’d do her.”

These words make me cringe. As though that’s a compliment. As though the opposite is an insult. But I ran across this recently and it struck me as being a perfect sentiment:

Iā€™d do her.

If, like, she were still alive. And would have me.

[Obviously, this was about a historic figure.]

“And would have me.” is the pertinent point. But it changes the whole sentiment from, “I am in a position of power and deign to choose her,” to “We are equals and I would like her if she agrees.”

It’s all about consent.

[Source: Balloon Juice on “Emma Goldman”, trying hard to make fun of the amazing and awesome Take Back Halloween, and failing miserably.]


  1. I find “I’d do her” a very strange way of thinking of a woman. Sex is only a part of a relationship.

    (The teenager geek I used to be, that managed to get one kiss during the entire time he was in high school, thinks in amazement “You have so much choice you’re selective about that?”)

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