1. Scott Nicholson

    I love it when the media makes an “agreement” about how they are going to cover the government. Ah, the Fourth Estate, that scruffy low-paid lap dog of the elite…

  2. lama21

    john – great update on L.A. Occupy.

    do you think it’s about police force ‘hiding’ govt?
    if so, it’s not the actual officer on the ground. seems like it’s those who have authority over them, and like so all the way up the ladder.

    but don’ts some on the police force – at multiple levels – share similar/exact socioeconomics as those for Occupy?

    do you think both Occupy-ers and on-the-ground-fuzz want to keep their ‘jobs’ and pay less taxes, too?

    would love your input, john. i’m a-learnin’!


  3. lama21

    ok! the mrs. is sound asleep, so i wanted to slip in a quick question – why does ya have a skeleton angel of death on your blog?

    is that an intellechual symbol of yours? i am so curious about why you have that. very, very interesting.

    i just thought you might like a picture of a famous smart person on here.

    well, hate to impose – im’m just really curious old fart brain (hee hee!). laugh out loud, my grandgirls say.

  4. John

    lama21, I like the colors, and I like skeletons. 🙂

    I’m sorry that I’m not super-responsive here. Life is pretty crazy busy, and I’ve neglected this blog greatly. But thank you so much for your interest, and for chiming in.

    Also, some of the posts you’ve responded to are from my friend and blogging partner-in-crime, xJane, and I can’t take credit for her eloquence and creativity.

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