Because Sinfest is that awesome, Tatsuya Ishida just did a sequence on the patriarchy and male privilege. They start here. Thumbnails and commentary below the fold.

the Sisterhood
‘Nique, fresh from a tree climbing devil chase is accosted by an unknown character: a child (?) who knows the lingo.

the Sisterhood 2
Here we see Sister (for want of another name) doing what I have always dreamed of: asking “Is this man bothering you?” and, to her credit, the woman admits that he is! I’m reminded of Scott McCloud and the thousand deaths in the gutter. Nothing Ishida could think up would be as bad (as good?) as what Sister does to Slick in my head—or in yours.

the Sisterhood 3
I’m going to start calling a certain class of guys “dudebro”.

the Sisterhood 4
Also, I need to brush up on my reading.

the Sisterhood 5
In what follows, pay close attention to the Matrix-like vertical code.

the Sisterhood 6
Ever feel like you’ve taken the red pill? Can you remember what it was like before you could see the patriarchy (even if sometimes, you’re still blind to it)?

the Sisterhood 7

“Was I…
Am I…
A colluder?”

“Everyone is.”

But now I’m awake. I can see. Can you?


  1. lama21

    ha ha!

    okay, one more look-see. the mrs. was laughin’ at these with me (man’s gotta do his part to show the mrs. everything he’s doing online, ya know).

    these are funny.

    but why can’t the cartoon girl wear a midriff just because it’s a midriff? she gets to wear what she wants, is that right?

    the mrs. says she wishes she had midriff body (i dont really care what she looks like – i’m still attracted like heat to her). but i know she gets jealous of younger women (or older women) who can wear the midriff and look good. so, why can’t the cartoon girl wear the midriff because she wants to?

  2. lama21

    my mrs. likes modest clothes. thats her choice. i would accept her if she wore not-modest clothes. and that’ s my choice.

    well, good night. glad i found more good websites to learn from intellectually.

    sir lama

  3. lama21

    i been thinkin (‘uh oh’, the mrs. says).

    i think there’s a difference between mens and womens. i know women are better than us pissant asshats called ‘men’.

    but there’s something else. women are feminine, but also can chase us guys. women are sweeter than us, but also be tougher than me on a thanksgiving family football field (aunty rae anne’s backyard). women get more things done – us men are efficient, too, but not like them. they’re — ya know — gooder than us like that.

    love and beauty and order is everything to them. we men can go without it (that is, when we have our guard up and act stupidly immature).

    i’m talking about good women. not the whore kind i mentioned in an earlier post.

    i think there’s a difference. can’t write it clearly, but — it’s there. hope that’s not too ignorant – i’m not book smart.

    but i’m learning.

    the mrs. is laughing at me – i know she’s glad i’m ready to learn how to be intellechual.

    just a thought before i doze off.

    -sir lama

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