Liveblogging for 24-Hour Comic Day 2011

This is my live-blogging post for my attempt to produce a comic in 24 hours or less. Mainly, I’ll share tweets and images here.

05:45am: I had planned to start at least two hours earlier. I’m getting coffee, and then clock starts at 6am.

Good morning.

Hour 0

24-Hour Comic Day: join in via Google+ hangout here: or follow via blog: or here on twitter.

07:00am progress update: Basic layout and script essentials sketched out:


10am: Disappointed that I’m photoshopping images again, but I have a story to tell & don’t have the chops to tell this any other way. #24HCD:

10:00 am

02pm: Eight hours in and this is what I’ve got:

05pm: Jesus Christ vs. The World. Where is this going?

05:00pm Jesus Christ vs. The World

06am: And here is the “final” version. My story is less than half-way done, but gonna post what I’ve got. It’s in Prezi/Flash, which gave me the flexibility to structure layout in unique ways.


  1. Hey xJane, when you say the vids aren’t working for you, request for clarification: they’re actually Flash presentations, so the play button advances it once per click (I didn’t set them to autoplay). Does it work for you if you click multiple times to advance the sequence?

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