Music Monday: Pro Tip: She Didn’t.

I was linked to this vid by this amazing post: Is It Cold in Here? about sexism within the skeptical/atheist community. Sexism I have not, myself, encountered, but which sounds just like what I experienced while working in tech and now, as I try to work in law (not to mention when I try to not work in comics or games).

That article is a great one and worth your time to read and you can watch the vid there.

I found this hilarious because I’ve been that girl. Post ComiCon, I feel like this is probably something that it would be good to propagate.

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  1. that is frigging hysterical!

    I just came here for the first time via your comment at Shadow Manor. Love the blog!

    The bar sucks, old white male lawyers suck (except for the exceedingly rare ones who don’t, of course) and good luck surviving it all from one who has been on this path for a decade or so. Now I am off to explore your totally awesome site!

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