Music…Tuesday: You + Me = Not to Be

I literally just discovered Ms. Maura (but was too tired to write this last night). I love her jazzy sound—it’s almost steampunky to me.

I like this as a ballad between a time traveler and someone encountered during those travels. It’s likely a much more traditional relationship, but “Peace for a Place” feels like a cabaret piece that’s both modern and vintage; perhaps a better description of steampunk than I’ve ever come across. The background instrumentals also put me in mind of Abney Park.

Finally, “You Never Know Where You’re Going” might be a secondary definition of steampunk. It’s a bit more Dr. Whoish (which time travel I’m beginning to have difficulty distinguishing from steampunk…), although the repeated “you dance & scream” coupled with the background music reminds me of clockwork. In any case, she’s worth a looksee.


  1. It’s a vibe—I don’t know. It made me think “steampunk” when I heard it (and I was not predisposed to think it by other situations).

  2. Hi xJane – Ms. Maura here. Thanks for the post! I’d never really thought of it that way, but your interpretation of “You + Me = Not to Be” is pretty right on! And if you like “You Never Know Where You’re Going,” you should check out the original version written by me at age 3 (hence the limited lyrics). There’s a video, made when I was a little older, up on YouTube
    Thanks again for the mention – glad you dig the music!! 🙂

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