Tarot Randomizer, Day Six.

Welcome to Day Six (of Seven) of the Tarot Randomizer Group Creativity Experiment!

Second to the last card!

If you just came across this experiment and wonder what it’s all about, please read the invitation and see this for the very simple rules: the first draw. You are more than welcome to join us for the remaining days.

You can also check out the galleries of works submitted in response to previously drawn cards:

Here’s the video for today’s draw:

And today’s card is, in contrast to our earlier picks, a happier one: the Two of Cups.

Two of Cups

Apologies for the low quality image. Here’s the same card from the Rider-Waite deck:

Two of Cups

Bunning’s key words for the symbolism behind the Two of Cups are “connection, truce, attraction.”

Good luck, and have fun!


  1. Oh NO!

    The good: I’m 40 minutes away from starting rehearsals with my brand new troop of actors for “Much Ado”

    The bad: been up to my eyeballs in administrative tasks for said rehearsal all day and won’t be able to participate today.

    (dramatic reading)

    “No, no! You must go on without me! Save yourseeeeeeeeeeelves!”

    (/dramatic reading)

  2. My response to today’s Tarot card is now up over on my blog. I’m not so tired tonight, so at least a few neurons were firing as I wrote.

    My contribution today is a short essay.


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