Tarot Randomizer, Day Four.

Welcome to Day Four (of Seven) of the Tarot Randomizer Group Creativity Experiment!

There’s a lot of work coming in, so thanks to everyone for submitting via the comments and the twitter #MoFcGe hashtag. It’s easy to transpose letters with the hashtag, so you may want to double check. I’m spending about two to three hours a day doing the prompts and curating the galleries, so your cooperation makes everything much more manageable. And if I miss something, please forgive me and do let me know. Sarah, I understand why you have to submit via email, and please feel free to keep doing so–I don’t want to miss out on your music!

Again, I’m very grateful for Galen’s help maintaining the #MoFcGe channel on twitter. If you’re not following her, get on it!

If you just came across this experiment and wonder what it’s all about, please read the invitation and see this for the very simple rules: the first draw. You are more than welcome to join us for the remaining days.

You can also check out the galleries of works submitted in response to previously drawn cards:

Here’s the video for today’s draw:

I explain a bit more in the video, but this is essentially a Lovecraft-themed deck, which explains why this Devil may look familiar:


Between Cthulhu, the Christian Devil, and all the temptation/materialist/bondage symbolism tied to this card, I’m going to have a hard time deciding where to take this prompt.

Good luck and have a great Saturday!


  1. Rich

    “Why should I fret in microcosmic bonds, that chafe the spirit, and the mind repress, when through the clouds gleam beckoning beyonds, whose shining vistas mock man’s littleness?”
    – H. P. Lovecraft

    Got my brain going today — I’ll have to make time for this one!

  2. Okay. My contribution to today’s festivities is up on my blog. Sorry it’s late today, but I had some Saturday things to do, like putting a new rear-view mirror on my car (with help from my roommate) and spending some time knitting.

    Today’s piece is a short story, but I’m not sure exactly what it is.


  3. Rich

    So this is late, and it’s not new (I wrote this years ago when battling some inner demons), so it seems somewhat relevant), and I was trapped in a political discussion with a friend for 5 hours yesterday until late (that’s my excuse!). Anyway, I don’t really have a title for this poem…

    We, with pride, frustrations
    Passion rides logic to oblivion,
    chaotic din,
    Joy defined with rushes, sighs,
    potions, thighs —
    Carefree slaves chained to wretched graves,

    Light, the darkness rends
    Nighted eyes with pain to shadowed corners sends
    As we, (uncalloused few),
    Despairing of the night
    To get a better view.

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