Invitation to a Group Creativity Experiment.

Wheel of Fortune

Past collaborative projects here at Mind on Fire have produced some fine creative work, like the results of the 18-hour comic day, and the virtual First of May Choir–you know, the JoCo song that goes, “First of May, First of May, Outdoor fucking starts today” (original call, final song). In the that same spirit of group play, I would like to propose a new project.

I would like to propose a group creative experiment with chance, disorder, fate, Jupiter, Steve–whatever you choose to call it. The randomizer will be a shuffled deck of Tarot cards. The tie between creativity and random elements is not a new one–Scott McCloud, founder of the 24-hour comic phenomenon, tells comic creators that they should “Perhaps have some randomizer at startup (like a Pictionary or Tarot Card Deck or a child’s picture book of household objects).” Consultants for business creativity sometimes suggest the introduction of some kind of randomizer into brainstorming sessions.

The rules for our project are quite simple:

1) Each morning for one week, starting on Wednesday, March 17th (St. Patrick’s Day!), I will draw a tarot card. I will post a picture of the card on this site.

2) You simply use the card as a spark for some kind of creative activity. It can be a sketch, a paragraph from your novel, a tweet, a photo, an interpretive dance, a poem, a political blog post, a video. The activity can even change from day to day. The only requirements are that a) you leave some element of the project undetermined until you see the card, and b) the final creation has to be done by the end of the day, and c) it has to be linkable.

3) I will then post links to everything everyone created by the time I draw the next card the next morning.

All right, any questions?

If no, then who’s interested in joining in the fun?


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  2. I want to join in–but I’m away from home and don’t know how much access I’ll have to the computer. Or how much time I’ll have to be creative. As long as there are no great expectations, it should be fun.

  3. hey, we should come up with a twitter hash tag for those of use who may be tweeting ours/others stuff etc… something like… #MoFgCe… or something…

  4. BiV—I’m the least creative person I know, so “no great expectations” is how I approach all these things.

    G @15: YES! #MoFgCe it is!

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